Our Adult Bible Fellowships center upon the Word of God and fellowship with one another.  Throughout the week our teachers put in much time in preparation for meeting.  These fellowships allow people to develop friendships while growing spiritually and discussing the truths of God's Word. We have variety of classes to choose from and we encourage people to visit several classes to see which is suited best for them.  Classes meet each Sunday morning at 9:30AM.

College & Career Builders

Teacher: Jeremiah Carruthers

Location: Room 23

Out of high school or college, so what’s next for your life? This is an exciting and eventful time in your life as you begin to pursue your education, career, and potential mate.  This class helps young people build those important biblical foundations for the rest of their lives. If you are between the ages of 18-30 and have never been married, this is the place for you to connect!

Home Builders

Teachers: Pastor Lawrence & Casey Kent

This class is comprised of newlywed couples that do not have children or have small children who are nursery age.

Family Builders

Teacher: Ryan Sparks

Are you at the building stage of your home?  This class is designed for couples starting their lives as a family. Ideal for newlyweds and parents with young children who have a desire to build a Christ centered home by the Book! Most couples in this class are generally between the ages of 25-35 and have small children under 10 years old.

Hedge Builders

Teacher: Joe Torres

It’s the pre-teen and teenager years in the home! Help! What do I do? This class is designed to help you build that hedge of protection around your home as the kids prepare for the next phase of going to college and becoming an adult. Come join in with others typically between the ages of 35-45 and have older children from 10-18 years of age.

Faith Builders

Teacher: Jeremy Banks

Kids are off or about to be off to college, what’s next for our marriage? This class is designed to help couples build their faith in the Lord as one. If the empty nest is around the corner, this class is for you. Make new friends and enjoy the company of others who are typically between the ages of 45-55, still working, and have kids that are transitioning out of the home.

Bridge Builders

Teacher: Tony Bullock

Are the kids out of the home and now you have extra time on your hands? God still has a plan for you as you build a bridge from where you were trying to start a family, to now helping your kids start their families and careers. Come join others in this class that are 55 years and older and make new friends that will last.

Heritage Builders

Teacher: Jason Wetherbee

We love our Seniors! You are the pillars of the Faith. The builders of our heritage.Retirement does not mean retirement from serving the Lord. Seniors have an important role to ensure that the legacy of their faith continue forward. This class is designed to continue to help our young at heart identify their purpose and potential.

Heart Builders

Teacher: Rita Turpin

Location: Room 19

Are you currently an adult lady and looking for a place in the church? God has a place for you! This class is designed for ladies, 30 years and older, with a desire to grow spiritually and make life long friends as they serve the Lord with all their heart.