Super Church

Grades 1-6

Super Games. Super Prizes. Same Bible Preaching!  We are excited to have an influence on the lives of children.  It is the goal of Super Church to encourage every child to devote themselves to Jesus Christ!  This is done by singing songs about Jesus, preaching challenging messages from God’s Word, and constant encouragement by the exemplary lives of our Children’s Pastor and wife, Jason and Ashley King.  Super Church is exciting, fun, and will be challenging to your child.


4/5 Year Olds & 3 Year Olds Classes

Our 4/5 year olds children’s church and 3 year old children’s church are both a place of safety, fun, and learning.  It is our desire to see every young child in this class to learn Bible stories.  These children are loved, given attention, and taught God’s Word.  We have times of fun, whether it be with coloring sheets, out on the playground, or in the classroom playing games.  These times are enjoyable for your children.